How to Add Songs from YT Music to Apple Music?

Listening to music is everybody’s favorite pass time. YouTube is one of the most popular platforms across the world. Everyone likes to enjoy music while traveling or eating but not area has good networking. Many of us choose to shun the idea of enjoying the songs due to slow internet speed or a data-inaccessible environment. YouTube has numerous videos for every kind of person.

Sometimes due to a shortage of time, many of us fail to search the favorite songs or musical videos we want to watch as there are hundreds of billions of videos to choose from. Apart from being a video streaming site, YouTube has launched its own music streaming service namely YouTube Music. It is created by YouTube and specially tailor-made for music streaming. One can browse the library through numerous songs and music videos among a variety of genres, playlists, or jukeboxes.

Apple Music is a music service built by Apple Inc. It is an exclusive streaming service for music audios for Apple Products. For all those fans of Apple Inc out there, you must experience this function. The majority of the audio songs loaded in the Apple Music are needed either to be subscribed or purchased to listening to it till the end otherwise you can just listen a small part of it. Are you keen to add the music from YT Music to Apple Music? Find out how to do it. 

Download Songs from YouTube Music to Apple Music

Step 1: Launch iTunes and log in your Apple Music account.

Step 2: Go to File → Add File to Library and select the mp3 file(s) that you have just converted. 

Step 3: Now you have successfully added the song(s) from YouTube Music to Apple Music, you can simply follow these steps to add as many songs as you want.