YouTube Kids – How Parental Control App Helps?

YouTube Kids

Millennials used to go outside in their childhood but never staring down at the screen for hours. Now, when you ask your kids about their most favorite hobby, and they will tell you about the YouTube channel. YouTube is a platform where billions of users are active and share videos and other entertaining content. 34% of Parents have claimed that their children watch YouTube on regular basis. That’s why they begin to raise eyebrows over the concern for their kid’s safety.

Is YouTube safe for our kids?

No, YouTube is not secure for our teens and kids until parents take over the control (Add the Content Filters). 

YouTube allows the parents to set the access limit with its default Parental Control Settings. The other solution to keep children away from inappropriate content is Original YouTube kids

Let’s Unlock the Ways to Stop Kids Watching Inappropriate Content on YouTube & How Parental Control App help. 

YouTube – Parental Control Settings 

Over 2 billion active users make YouTube the most popular video-sharing platform worldwide. But it also has introduced its parental control settings to help parents.

How to Change Settings? 

1 – Open the YouTube App

2 – Tap on the Lock Icon (in the bottom Corner)

3 – Read and Fill in the Number that Appears.

4 – Go to Settings 

5 – Click on the Child’s Profile

6 – Enter Password of Parent Account 

7 – Block the Content, Approved Content, Turn search off, Pause watch & Search History, etc. 

YouTube Kids – Create a Secure Digital Space 

Giving your children food, financial support, clothes, etc. is not enough until you provide all these things along with security. Here, security refers to the safe space in both the real-life and digital world. Parents can’t forbid teens and kids from watching YouTube but can prevent them from interacting with vulgar content. 

Have no idea about YouTube Kids?

No worries, Read the next session to find out. 

1 – Setup the app and enter the birth year. This section also shows some points where it claims that you can report any video if your child watches or interact with any adult content. 

2 – Sign in with Google Account 

3 – Approve the Terms and Services.

4 – Create a profile for your kids.

5 – Turn the search on if you want your child to search for appropriate content. 

6 – A user is allowed to create more profiles for more kids. 

If you find any inappropriate video, tap on the three dots, and enter the block option. 


The most important fact to consider is that our new generation is tech-savvy. It mentions that kids can easily change the settings and watch what they want without their parents knowing. Parents should use a more convenient way to access kid’s screens. How?

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TheWiSpy – Remotely Manage the Screen of Your Child 

Being an android compatible app, TheWiSpy is the most demanding parental control software. No matter where you are, it allows a user to watch the screen under stealth mode. It requires installation in the target android phone and gives remote access to the end-user. A stable internet connection is a must to track the device if you can’t monitor the screen efficiently. What Else Can You Do with TheWiSpy?

1 – Track GPS Location

2 – Change the Phone Settings

3 – Capture the Screen 

4 – Manage Activities 

5 – Call Recordings 

6 – Text-Messages 

7 – Uninstall Protection 

8 – Remote Commands

9 – Device Switch 

10 – Spy on Camera 

And Many More!

Wrapping Up

An online user is not safe, especially our Gen z, as they are more vulnerable to digital threats. Giving YouTube freedom to kids can expose them to sexual content and develop psychological issues. YouTube Kids is here to help parents for creating a protected entertaining environment. It enables the parents to prevent their children from watching offensive data. But if you want a more suitable choice to capture your child’s screen, then there is no better option than TheWiSpy (Parental Control App). Its remote access factor will not give any clue to the kids, and parents can still watch them while they are watching videos in their rooms.