Valentine’s Week 2019 List

valentine day

We know that you all want to know about the Valentine Week List and dates. Your search is over because We have provided the whole schedule here.

Valentine week days name

Date Name of the day
7th FebruaryRose Day
8th FebruaryPropose Day
9th FebruaryChocolate Day
10th FebruaryTeddy Day
11th FebruaryPromise Day
12th FebruaryHug Day
13th FebruaryKiss Day
14th FebruaryValentine Day

Rose Day 2019

A beautiful rose is given to express the feeling of love towards one another. As red is known as the symbol of love, so let’s start the week with expressing love.

rose day

Propose Day 2019:

On this day the boyfriends or husbands proposes to their special girlfriend or wife with their own unique & creative style.

propose day

Chocolate Day 2019:

After she accepts the proposal, the next day is celebrated by showering some love by giving cute heart-shaped chocolates.


Teddy Day 2019

Teddy day which is the fourth day of Valentine’s week. This day is celebrated as one of them express their love with a cute teddy.



Promise Day 2019:

On this day the couples commit their love to each other. Guys promise to be forever together in the form of a promise.


Hug Day 2019:

Hug day is the sixth day of Valentine week 12 February. As the name itself describes, the couples have to tightly hug each other.

huge day

Kiss Day 2019

13 February which is the seventh day of valentine week and it seems that this day is the best day as you can ask for your first kiss.

kiss day

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019:

It is the best day for all the lovers, couples and partners as Valentine Day offers each and everyone to express their true love.

valentine day

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