Top 10 Free Music Software Tools That You Will Love in 2019

music software tools

You will love it more when you know how many music software tools are free. So start using this Tool and let us know which one you liked best. Have fun to make music today!

Top 10 free music software tools:

  • Audio Tool
  • PatternSketch
  • YouTube2video
  • Typatone
  • Pitch Shifter
  • Text To Speech
  • Online Sequencer
  • Acid Machine
  • Autochords
  • Audio Tests

Audio Tool: AudioTool is an online production studio that feels like a real studio and a really dreamy one.

PatternSketch: PatternSketch is a free online drum machine. The sequencer and drum kits give you the power to create entire tracks.

YouTube2video: Let’s have a look at the best YouTube to MP3 converters that will help you convert YouTube Videos to MP3 or convert Device video to MP3 totally free.

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Typatone: Type anything into Typatone and it will turn every letter into a beautiful sound.

Pitch Shifter: This free online Pitch Shifter lets you change the pitch of an audio file without changing the tempo.

Text To Speech: Text To Speech is an amazing way to make robotic sounding vocals. Type in text or lyrics you wrote. Then export the audio file in MP3 for free.

Online Sequencer: Online Sequencer lets you export your creation as a MIDI file. Then import that MIDI file into your DAW to develop your song idea.

Acid Machine: Acid Machine has a drum machine to layer under your bassline.

Autochords: Autochords is a super useful tool when you’re writing songs. Sometimes you just need a little push to get your song started.

Audio Tests: Audio Tests gives you a full toolset for any audio test you can possibly think of.

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