Best Romantic New Year’s Eve Ideas for Couples


Looking for New Year’s Eve ideas for you and your sweetheart to make memorable moments of 2019?

New Year’s Eve can be one of the most romantic nights of the year and We have picked up fun, festive, romantic traditions for couples. From kissing at midnight to getting away for a night to a special date.

So, if you are unsure about what exactly to do with your sweetheart for New Year’s Eve, here you will find many ideas to help make your New Year memorable moment.

1. Plan a Vacation:

Nothing can beat the feeling of togetherness and romance more than vacationing out for a few days; just you and your sweetheart. Planning in time can bring forth some great arrangement at fabulous vacationing spots either for partying or some rest and relaxation. You can go skiing with her on the coolest resorts, love nesting in some cottage way up north, or go to the countryside with her.


2. Best Homies:

Just become best homies together this new year’s eve; just you and your sweetheart spending quality time home together with the best of lunches, dinners, mp3 songs, wines, movies and everything else that might bring you too closer than ever. Though very simple, this can be one of the best romantic New Years Eve ideas.

couple at home

3. Make it a “Friendly” Night:

Invite best friends from both sides and start partying like never before with all the love and friendship in the world you might ever need around you. Good food, music, and liquor can get you going great.


4. Skating Her Through to the New Year:

One of the most romantic things to do on New Year’s Eve is to skate your ladylove through to the New Year. This will also serve great in getting cozy early in the evening while hugging and holding each other skating your way to the New Year.

huge couple

5. Kiss at Midnight:

yes, We say, drop everything and pucker up, And, the more superstitious among us swear that starting the new year locking lips means more love in the twelve months to come. Whether you believe that or not, grab your guy and land a smooch.


6. Have Lunch at Your Favorite Restaurant:

While you may have plans to go to a party with friends in the evening, consider reserving New Year’s Eve lunch for just you and your sweetheart. We love hearing about couples whose tradition is a New Year’s Eve brunch or lunch at a favorite special restaurant. What a great way to extend the fun of the day.


7. Make an Ice Skating Date:

Nothing’s more winter-wonder than ice skating, especially if it’s an outdoor ice rink. Ice skating is a fun, go-to New Year’s Eve date. Wrap yourself up in your cutest scarf and get ready for a night of hand-holding and hot chocolate.

8. Share Your Resolutions as a Couple:

As important as it is to try to better yourself in the New Year, it’s important to think ahead in terms of your relationship. This idea might be more awkward to do if you’re just starting out as a couple. But if you two have been together for a while and can see each other in your futures, jotting down some New Year’s resolutions together might be a fun idea.