How Music Helps Overcome Depression?

For a sound body, both physical and mental health is necessary. In the third world or developing countries, the mental health index is much worse than as compared to the developed ones. Medical available due to different NGOs intervention however seeking any kind of psychiatric help is considered as a taboo by both family and society.

With a change in work culture, stress and depression are the major exposure for any human being residing in a metro Politian city in any part of the world irrespective of gender or ethnicity. Bad relationships, nuclear or small families, work or study overload and expectations, due to that an individual is unable to share any thoughts with anyone, which is a very major reason for a surge of depression among an individual.

A few of the factors which can help in downing the depression can be Yoga, meditation or simply listen to music that calms you down. Panic attacks or anxiety attacks are rising among the students or office goers and it is recommended by all the psychiatrists to listen to music to calm the plumping heart down.

1) Music and mental health

Music and any kind of exercise (be it physical or mental) go hand in hand. In a modern-day gymnasium, the music of high-intensity beat is played to boost the morale of the athletes and the other hand a piece of low ambient music is needed for meditation or for yoga.

2) Music for every mood

Every song, every beat or every rhythm is classified into a specified genre and every artist as per their specialization try to create music and cater to their audiences. Now it is on an individual what type of music suits their mood.

Once a wise said “one needs exercise for a sound body, entertainment for mind and music for rejuvenation of the soul. So during any kind of stress, it is important to take some time out and fetch out a music device or phone and just calm down.

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