How Music Effect our Life?

“Music is the best way to attain peace of mind’’
By- Sourabh Yadav

In our Indian culture, kings of various states across India provide space to a musician in their so-called “darbars” for entertainment. Music is just a thing to just flow with it all worries and tensions are left aside. Musicians by their voice and instrumentation give a charm to every moment of life.

Nowadays, being easy access to the internet listen to music becomes a hobby of most students and most of the works are completed in the frame of music.

Music provides stability to the human mind and provides the power of thinking over a particular matter. Although, music provides inner strength to the body and helps in its flight to the imaginations. Music does not require any special act it is just a sound which is providing peace to the mind and aspire to listen more to such sound.

As a source of entertainment, inspiration and to avoid loneliness the only choice we have is music Although it provides strength to the body.

On occasions, in spreading charm music gives a glorious look to every event. Being an effective stress reliever music often prefers the patients for reducing mental strength, anxiety, and stress.

Music has the power to remind us of certain events of our lives and memories with our loved ones. A specific type of music initiates a special feeling in our body for upcoming events or meetings and also increases our excitement. In respect to stress relievers, some music makes us smile and memorize some we would rather forget.

Music plays a significant role in learning different languages because in the flow of music one can start repeating the wordings of a song and this helps in building our vocabulary towards that particular language.

In treating neurological disorders music is effective and it helps to regain a few memories which are beneficial for the patient.

By music moment of grief, happiness, excitement can be expressed. The right type of music in our playlist increase brain function and stimulate our body. To get dopamine dump in our brain, Choose the music you like most and evoke positive emotions in you. People can be empowered and inspired by music to work together to accomplish goals.

Own Playlist of relaxing music:

Music can make us feel so exceptionally peaceful when you turned on your playlist to calm your mind. Music has a huge impact on our brain. Playlist having relaxing music reduces a person’s perception of pain and helps us sleep better at night. It helps in lowering blood pressure and heart rate. In our studies music optimizes our cognitive processes.

Nature’s sound:

Rain ratting on the window, flowing rivers, leaves of tree such sounds have a cathartic effect in our body. Concentration on our routines in daily life and life events can be achieved in nature’s voice where you are not listening to anyone except yourself.

Your inner voice liberates out and you can realize your mistakes and positive steps taken in entire life. Sound of nature made us think that everything is here and the unheard sound becomes favorite. Decisions made during that time never go wrong and you feel more positive at that time.
Music is like an extra-curricular activity for the brain which is required for proper working and it helps in fostering faster communication between neurons.

In the case of dementia patients can improve their memory by listening to certain melodies and songs. Therefore music is all about to through away tiredness of mind and to refresh the state of mind and body for work.

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