Can We download YouTube Video Legally?

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When you are streaming anything on YouTube — at any time you can’t commit piracy or violate copyright by you are safe there. But it is legal to download or convert youtube videos to mp3 mp4?

According to YouTube Terms and conditions, ‘stream-ripping’ is a violation of Service. But they did not take legal action against anyone for this.
Some years ago, YouTube frightened to shut down which is a youtube to mp3 converter. They declared that the site was in direct violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service, or TOS, which prohibits capturing a video stream. That goes around YouTube’s code to convert mp3 files, which is against their rules. Same like this there are so many sites on the web that allows users to download and convert youtube videos to mp3 mp4 format for free, but they are not legal and safe to use.

So here I will give you the best idea to download youtube videos legally by using the legal and safe tool youtube2video that is legal you can convert and download youtube videos to mp3 mp4 format without any hassle. youtube downloader – get youtube videos with airy

How do I download youtube videos to mp3 legally?

  1. Choose the best youtube to mp3 converter like youtube2video and paste their youtube video URL.
  2. Then hit convert button
  3. Then last and easy step click on the download button.

    And by these simple, smart ways, your videos are prepared so don’t worry about terms and copyright rules when you are using youtube2video because it is the world largest online platform there billions of users are coming only for converting and downloading youtube videos motive.
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