How to legally download YouTube videos?

download youtube video

You know that YouTube is a great place for watching videos. There are many online converters are being used to convert YouTube To MP3.

Is it legal to download Video from YouTube?

The honest answer is no. The simple reason behind this is that YouTube is owned by Google and it does not allow its users to download anything from the YouTube. This is evident as you would not find any YouTube To mp3 downloading application in Google Play.

But, one can easily download music using several YouTube To mp3 downloading Websites available online. One can easily make use of such a website to download mp3 from YouTube.

Download YouTube Videos to MP3 will violate Google’s terms of service. Still, using it for personal purposes is not considered illegal.

YouTube to MP3 Downloaders: Are They Illegal to Use?

If one has a poor internet connection, he can simply download the video once and for all in good quality and watch it offline. Besides this, using YouTube to MP3 Converter might violate copyright laws but can be considered illegal.

Here are the points to keep in mind considering the legitimacy of downloading music on YouTube:

  • It is not illegal if done for personal use.
  • Google forbids the practice of downloading.
  • Downloads can be made using only third-party apps that are not verified by Google.
  • Use of downloads under your name can arouse copyright issues.

How to legally download YouTube Music?

You like music or video posted on YouTube and want to download the song onto your device. Two questions come to mind. First, is it technically possible to download? Second, is it legal to download YouTube Music onto your device? The answer to the first question is yes. The answer to the second question is also yes, provided that you obtain permission from the copyright owner or YouTube. so here we describe how to download the audio file from YouTube.


Go to Youtube and access the music video that you want to download. There will be a download link posted on the web page if downloading is authorized. If there is no link, you will need to obtain permission from the copyright owner or YouTube.


Search the copyright section of the U.S. Copyright Office website to determine who owns the copyright for the song you want to download. The official copyright document will list the name and address of the owner. Contact the owner and request permission to download the song.


Contact YouTube and request permission to download noncopyrighted music videos with no download links.


Copy the YouTube URL for the music video you want to download and open the web page. Now, You paste link into the search field provided on the website, click the convert video button, select your format and you can start your download.