How to Download Instagram videos?


There are times when you really like a video on Instagram and want to save the video to your device, but there is no method to do so. However, there are certain ways to download Instagram videos, but for that, you might have to struggle a bit. Now I will show you a method to download Instagram videos on your PC, Android etc in a very easy way.

Use an online service

For this purpose, I like to use a free online website YouTube2video. In my experience, It adds a few extra features that you may find interesting. Here’s how to use it:

1. Open the Instagram video that you want to download and copy its URL.

2. Now open YouTube2video and paste the URL into the text field.


3. And, click on “Convert Video” button.

4. Now, choose the required quality of video you want to download.


5. Click the download button and wait for the video to be downloaded.

After the download is finished, you can find and watch your video from the download section of your device. Now I believe using a video downloader is a much easier way to download Instagram videos. All you need to do copy/paste the link to get your video.

How to convert videos for Instagram?

If you are an Instagram fan and You want to upload your videos to Instagram. Actually, Instagram videos uploading are not as easy as you think, you must have your videos reach the standard of Instagram videos on the format, codec, frame rate, bit rate and so on. Whereas an awesome Instagram video converter will do you a favor. Usually, there is a requirement for Instagram videos like what it requires on YouTube/Facebook videos. and the essence of uploading is to keep your videos correct format, resolution, size etc.

If your video is in another format or is using a different video or audio, you will have to change it to MP4 first before posting it on Instagram. Many people ignored these aspects, as a result, they failed. And what Instagram supported formats and other details? Here it is.

1. Formats: H.264 codec MP4

2. Resolution: maximum width 1080 pixels (1080P)

3. Frame Rate: 29.96 frames per second

4. Bit Rate: 3,500 kbps video bitrate

5. Audio codec: AAC audio codec at 44.1 kHz.

6. Duration: 3 to 15 seconds

Now, Converting as well as downloading videos become a daily habit today, So having a reliable video converter is essential.

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