Top 10 best ways to celebrate New Year-2019?

new year

The New Year is one of the most famous international holidays. Different regions celebrate in their own way. The common thread is to welcome the beginning of the New Year. You might be celebrating with your family, friends or thousands of strangers.

1. Attend a formal event:

Many hotels and restaurants host catered New Year’s Eve. They will have performances from orchestras, jazz bands, or professional singers and musicians.

2. Go to a casino:

Aside from playing cards and slot machines, casinos often host New Year’s Eve celebrations that include dinner and a show from professional singers, tribute bands, or comedians.


3. Attend a midnight church service:

Some people will attend a midnight service that’s held on New Year’s Eve called a Watch-Night service. They will also include food, singing, and a message from the church.

4. Go out for dinner:

Whether it’s a family-friendly restaurant with your kids or your favorite restaurant for a night out with friends, going out to eat is a great low-key way to celebrate the New Year.

Some restaurants may have New Year’s specials on food and drinks that Make reservations several days ahead as restaurants tend to be busy on New Year’s Eve.


5. Hold a friendly gathering:

Gather some of your friends and arrange a meet up at one of your favorite locations. It could be a restaurant, club, or city park. Decide ahead of time what to wear and any other details. You’re basically planning an impromptu party.

6. Go on a date:

What is more romantic than celebrating new beginnings? Grab your loved one, make a reservation and share the New Year together over a midnight kiss.

7. Stay home alone:

If you want to avoid the crowds, you can just relax at home and download & Listen to New year Songs. You can still watch the ball drop on TV or join your neighbors outside at midnight if you’re feeling up to it.

8. Make your own party favors:

Holidays are a great opportunity to get artful. You can create your own New Year’s themed party favors. Hats and noisemakers are great New Year’s party favors.

9. Make party food:

You can cook up some fun New Year’s themed party food. Fancy cheese and crackers. If you don’t want to put the effort into doing that, any food that is easy to pass around will work, or order some pizzas.

10. Celebrate a cultural tradition:

Depending on where you’re from, different traditions take a different form. You don’t have to be from that region, of course. If something strikes your fancy, you can adopt a tradition just because you want to.